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Vryburger Avenue Bothasig, Bothasig, ZA

On the 16th of August 2009, I decided on the spur of the moment to use a little of our scarce cash and spoil myself, my husband and our 3.5 legged child. Yes, a little doggie. We do not have small children and she is as precious to us as any child to caring parents.

My husband, suggested we get something for Queeny as well, as she does not normally get to eat any fast foods at all. I ordered 2 Steers Chicken Combo meals and an additional piece of chicken for her.

When I ordered this, and the chicken, there was a lot of talking in their language amongst the woman behind the counter and the ones in the kitchen, after I had mentioned it was for our pet. The person behind the counter even looked out to see what she looked like.

Long story short, when our order was ready, the person behind the counter, checked the food and repeated the order to the one doing the cooking.

She had handed over one meal combo and suddenly started "faffing" about in the kitchen, after about another minute or two, handed to the front the other meal and a burger container, which i assumed contained Queenies chicken.

We decided to eat at home, and upon arriving, i discovered that the one container had written on it King Steer Combo and the and the other Steer Chicken Combo. As a habit, from a previous run in with Kentucky, I always check the food out. I opened up the one in the Container marked "King Steer Combo" and noticed that the chicken was so small it barely made the edge of the roll. The Chicken Combo was in fact hanging over the sides of the bread.

On further investigation, I found that the chicken on my burger had in fact been cut. The puzzle pieced fitted perfectly as I put Queenies piece of chicken next to it.

I am, needles to say, pretty p-d off about this, as we can't afford take aways on a regular basis and this was supposed to be a treat.

I dont give a damn if their opinion of me buying my "dog" a piece of chicken was whatever they had spoken about in their language. The fact of the matter remains, I paid good money for the order I had placed and they, for whatever reason cheated me, by making me pay for an extra portion of chicken, even though it was taken from my burger.

I will never do business with Steers Bothasig again, unless I receive some form of apology, and I will, like so many other people taken in by places like these, tell everyone I know, so as to make them aware. Its their choice to buy wherever they want to, but hopefully this will put them on their guard for any future "mishaps", which in our opinion was nothing but theft.

David and Ella Russell
email: strove.[protected]


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