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On Friday 11/25, I stopped at the Highspire Travel Plaza on the PA Turnpike and visited Steak & Shake. As a long time fan of this business, I have visited several locations and always enjoyed their food and milkshakes. I placed an order for a Plain Cheeseburger add bacon and a chocolate shake. This was at 3:29pm, with two or three orders ahead of mine. At 3:46 my order was called. Having watched the person make my burger, I saw him put ketchup on the roll. As this could have been another customer, I didn't say anything until he attempted to hand me my bag. When I asked him if there was ketchup on that sandwich, he confirmed there was. I told him the burger needed to be plain, with just cheese and bacon. He took it and returned to the grill area. At this time my milkshake was ready, half melted with no whipped cream, but ready. My order was called again, and I asked the guy if there was anything on the burger besides cheese and bacon, specifically no ketchup. He replied there was no ketchup, at which time I wished them a good day. This was 3:49pm. Granted Steak & Shake is made to order, 20mins in an unacceptable amount of time for fast food service. If the timeliness were the only factor, I would not feel the need to contact you however. The real problem is when I went to eat my burger, as I was on the Turnpike again, it became obvious the guy had merely changed the bun and given me back a burger with some ketchup and half the bacon. Is this how customers are treated as a rule? I was personally disgusted, but unable to turnaround on the Turnpike and unwilling to do so as so much time had already been wasted. Basically I paid $11 for an inedible burger and a melted shake. This will probably not be my last visit to Steak & Shake, but certainly it was the last visit to this location. Thank you for your time.

359261 Shane
CHK 557
AMT $11.22
StoreID 4PASSE23

Nov 27, 2016

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