Steak 'n Shake Enterprises / waitress whose name I believe was tiffani.

Pensacola, FL, United States

Pensacola, FL. My husband and I decided to stop at Steak & Shake for a burger and milkshakes. We were directed to a table. A table of 3 and a table of one were the only other customers. Waitress brought menus and a group of young people walked in as we were talking to the waitress. One of them started ordering as they were sitting down, while she was at our table. I asked how much more would it be for a milkshake instead of tea on the combo. She said, " I only work four days a week so I don't know the prices of stuff." I just shook my head and said "ok", then I ordered a large chocolate/peanutbutter shake for my husband & a large chocolate/caramel/pecan shake for myself - at which time I pointed to the type of shake I was ordering on the menu for her to see. Then I requested a few minutes to look at the menus for our food order. She went to the other table before turning in our milkshake order. That's not a problem, she came back and we ordered the single bacon cheeseburgers with fries for each of us. She brought us glasses of water.? We waited. The younger group at other table were becoming obnoxious and rude & laughing & talking about rigamortis, gore and using profanity. We waited for the waitress or the manager to ask them to watch their language in a public restaurant while other diners were present. Apparently the waitress knew them because she talked to them several times and was watching them and listening to them. So she was aware of their profanity and their conversation. We were only 2tables away from them. She served them their drinks & we still didn't have our shakes. They got their food, drinks and a banana split. Then we got ours. I asked her where were our shakes!? She said, "you didn't order any!?? " I said "yes I did and I even showed you on the menu the type I wanted". She said, "well, I have trouble remembering things". I said, "excuse me"? And she repeated it. I asked why didn't she write it down!? She said it was because she got distracted cause a man at another table with a couple had hollered at her while she was at our table, so she got the order wrong. WRONG! We were looking right at that table and NO ONE at that table raised their voice or called her down. That was a lie! I told her I couldn't have missed that happening because I looked straight at that table and couldn't have missed anyone yelling at her from that table not 6 feet from us. After I reordered our shakes, she finally brought our milkshakes in "to go" cups and put them on the table then walked away!? We were finished eating by then! She brought the bill and we weren't charged for the shakes, so I decided to let it go. My husband had already gotten very disgusted and wanted to speak to the manager, but I told him I just wanted to pay and get out of there. He went out to the car. I went to the counter to pay the bill and she stated a higher amount than was on my tab!? I asked her why! She said, "cause that was because you ordered the shakes afterwards!!??" I started to pay the higher bill and she asked, " how much for the tip? Or are you going to leave cash"? Unbelievable! My husband and I are both disabled and in wheelchairs and we try to show compassion for others, but this girl should not be waiting tables -Anywhere! I was a waitress years ago when I was very young and I would have NEVER treated anyone as rudely as she did us. I made very good tips doing her job forty years ago because I was pleasant, efficient, knowledgeable and considerate of my customers. If I made a mistake, I apologized and NEVER tried to pin the blame on the customer or on someone else. Even though I didn't order the best steak on the menu - I expected to be served in a respectful, pleasant manner . And if customers were being disrespectful to everyone within hearing distance, the manager or the waitperson should've requested they refrain from such language, not smile and frequent their table. I considered not informing you of this very unpleasant visit to your restaurant. But after much thought I felt you deserved to know. I've never seen this place with a lot of cars in the parking lot. I can see why, now. I saw some of the other complaints on your website regarding other locations. They are almost the same!! Rudeness, disrespectfulness, callus, disinterested, irresponsible waitpersons or cashiers. Maybe your managers need a course on the "hiring of employees". Your food is good, therefore, your cooks are good, it's a shame your other employees aren't.

May 7, 2017

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