Steak 'n Shake Enterprises / very poor service

Bradenton, FL, United States

We visited the Steak and Shake in Bradenton, FL around 4pm on 09/16/2017 and after this visit will never go back.
When we first entered the store it was fairly busy so we did have to wait a short period to be seated, once seated the server took our order within a reasonable amount of time. After this it was all downhill.
The shake my wife ordered came out a short while later and the server took off before we could say a word, no spoon or straw and no drink for me, a little while later we did manage to catch the attention of our server and asked for the spoon and straw. When she brought these over she told me that I needed to remind her about my drink because she couldn't remember everything.
About 25 minutes after we gave our order to the server the food arrived, I noticed that my order was incorrect, I had ordered chilli cheese fries and all I got was plain fries. I pointed this out to the server who took the plate away, while she was gone I asked my wife to check her order and it was good.
My plate came back with chilli and cheese poured over my fries, I bit into my burger which spurted what looked and tasted like mayo( I had asked for no mayo) I was told no this was garlic spread, I had asked for garlic butter but been told they didn't do that even though it was one of the main ingredients on one of the other burgers. So again I get told they will correct this as soon as possible.
My wife is famous for her slow eating, she had finished her meal so even though I hadn't received my burger we decided to leave, the shift manager was working the check out and asked how everything was today, I explained that I wasn't happy with how things had been and she told me that it was all sorted and my burger had been fixed. I told her that I never got my burger, she looked around at the guy running the grill who just shrugged and then looked away. She did take my meal off the bill which was perhaps the only thing done 100% correctly during our entire visit.
We have always enjoyed our visits to Steak and Shake but it seems like our local store isn't wanting our business.
As an afterthought the issue of cleanliness also comes up, while talking to this manager I looked behind the counter and the floor was covered in food. When we first arrived in the store I should have got the hint, the lady that seated us informed me that the GM wasn't in today and the staff tended to play around when he isn't there.

Sep 17, 2017

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