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Monday Feb 19, 2018

Steak n Shake in Snellville, Georgia

My husband and I both ordered Triple Steak burgers to go.

Mine was suppose to be with mustard mayo ketchup lettuce and onion.
When I got home and took a bite of my burger it had tomato on it and I am allergic to tomatoes and all of a sudden my lips started to swell and we could not understand why til we opened it up and saw the tomato on it.
Both of the burgers were overcooked and he had a hard time chewing it but I could not eat mine anymore because of the tomato.

Feb 21, 2018
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  •   Feb 21, 2018

    You’re allergic to tomatoes yet order a burger with ketchup????? Are you insane?? Ketchup is made FROM tomatoes. Tomatoes, spices and preservatives. Your story is clearly a plea for free food by deception. People like you belong in prison.

    Common sense dictates checking your food before eating if you have allergies. You are a lousy liar. I hope the restaurant sues you for defamation of business. Easy to get your information from this site legally.

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  • Sh
      Mar 11, 2018

    @SubSquirrel I was scrolling down to comment exactly what you said. How does one order a sandwich and say they are allergic to tomato, yet know that the sandwich comes with ketchup and still orders it. Makes no sense.

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  •   Mar 11, 2018

    @ShanaAdams7780 Maybe they think ketchup is made of chemicals! That’s like ordering pickle relish on your hamburger but are allergic to cucumbers!

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