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This particular restaurant needs HELP.
Recently complained to the corporate office about lack of service and management. The store manager called, apologized and sent me $25.00 in gift cards. We have been back three or four times. Tonight was the last time. The people in front of us were seated and then we were. Several other people came in after us and were seated. The people in line in front of us sat next to us and were waited on immediately. People after us were waited on.
I had to flag a server down and ask when we would be helped, so he came and took our order. We sat and sat and sat, the people who came in just before us had eaten and were paying their bill. The people who came in after us were finishing their meals and getting ready to leave. We had NO REFILLS and NO FOOD. We got up went to the cashier which happened to be the manager. I told her what had happened and that we were leaving. She never said I am sorry. Will never go back to this location.

Nov 28, 2017

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