Steak 'n Shake Enterprises / service

MELBOURNE, AR, United States

Good afternoon. I'm writing this today so you are aware of how these two stores are being supervised. Viera fl and merittisland fl. When entering you smell this horrible smell from the sewer. It is very stomach turning. Stores are filthy and the floors are dingy and gross. I've seen the Viera fl Mgr shove food in her mouth. Not pay attention to the food that sits on the counter after the order is completed by the cooks. So you get cold food because no one takes pride or believes in team work. I really think twice before coming to eat here because everything I've mentioned is a constant. These stores need corporate assistance and Mgrs need to be fired !!!. As for the kids that are employed with your company it's just that they are kids and they need to be trained on cleanning and paying more attention to everything in the store. Team work is not something I see while here. I forgot to mention that I have come here a few times because my boyfriend and daughter enjoy the food. I hope you will listen to me and do something about all the things mentioned. Thank you!!!

Apr 30, 2017

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