Steak and shake Dixie hwy / y r u out of 4 thing I want and u can't​ make the 5 right

Louisville kentucky, United States

It's ridiculous the first 4 things I ask for the store is out of. Now y can't one of your employees walk there lazy ### next door to Kroger's and get some pancake batter. And to top it off the 5th thing is a single prince of royal. its a double and I want a single. She says I have to charge u for the double but she will make it a single. Because the single comes with fries not hash browns. . I said ok. Well I didn't get my has browns. They brought me well done fries. And my burger is wrong. I didn't get the onions and tomato I asked for. This is the Dixie hwy location in prp. Anthony is the assistant manager.

Apr 30, 2017

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