State Farmlies

On 12-13-14 my vehicle was hit and totaled by a State Farm insured. I called them on 12-15-14 and was told they needed my vehicle taken to shop which we did. The shop then assessed the damage and said it was a complete loss. I called State Farm again and was given a settlement figure which I accepted. The next day State Farm sent IAA out of Kentucky to pick up my vehicle. This was approximately 2 weeks after accident. Not sure b/c I wasn't notified. I went to get my tags and it was gone. I have called and talked to everyone except the claims rep who never answers her calls or returns them. I have been told that the PO Box was not a valid address and it was returned (my power bill goes there with no problem) So I gave them my second home address and they said it was being sent out that day, it never came. Then I was told on 1-20-15 that it was overnighted on the 16th. Long night b/c it still didn't come and when I called on 1-21-15 that it was sent out today, when I got mad I was told let me call you back after I make sure, then when I got the call it is being sent out today. So who knows? The point of this is that I have been without 4x4 since 12-13-14. They have my car but not the title

Jan 21, 2015

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