State Farm / low bodily injury offer

I was in a car accident the morning of June 15th, 2010. I was not at fault. The other driver claimed fault and the police report faulted her. We both have State Farm insurance. This happened in Mishawaka Indiana.
I went to the ER that day with chest and neck pain. Followed up with my family doctor because the neck pain didn't go away after a few days. The chest pain ended up being from my seatbelt and left me with a huge, horrible black and purple bruise on my breast. You could actually see the material lines from the seatbelt in my bruise. I did take pictures.

I went to a Musculoskeletal Specialist and began physical therapy sessions hoping this would relieve my pain. After 5 sessions, no relief so they sent me for an MRI. The MRI showed degenerative disc disease that was aggravated by the car accident. I am a healthy 40 year old woman. I work as a florist. I am also a belly dancer. My medical history will show, I don't go to the doctor unless I'm feeling really bad. This car wreck has ruined everything. I felt great before the wreck, I could work with no pain...I could belly dance with no pain. NOW I work and I'm in constant belly dancing has had to suffer. I cannot dance the way I did before the wreck.

The accident happened on my daughters 19th birthday so that ruined all our plans. My first grandchild was born two weeks before this wreck...I didn't get to spend the time I had planned to spend with my grandchild because I was in pain and going to doctors appointments all the time.

My car was a total loss and State Farm was very fair on their offer concerning that.

I only had to take off one day from work because I only work two days a week and I scheduled my doctor appointments on my off days or on my lunch hours.
After the MRI and my diagnosis they sent me to a pain management specialist. Since the wreck I had prescribed to me, vicodin, flexeril and lyrica. The pain management specialist is pushing me to get the shots in my neck. I am afraid of this!! Right now, I'm coping with just the vicodin. I've never been a person to take pills for anything. I hate relying on pills to make me feel halfway decent. But, shots in my spine? I had THREE natural childbirths because I was afraid to get an epidural. So, now they want me to get one in my neck?
My work and dance life was great before this accident. Now, I'm hurting with the weather getting cold, the pain is worse! I feel like I'm 80!

My medical bills totaled $3000. They were all paid by State Farm. I have no medical insurance and going to the doctor is something I don't do, I can't afford it. So, now I am forced to go and reached the medical pay limit of $3k. State Farm told me to continue to go to the doctor if I need to and their bodily injury/pain and suffering settlement would go to pay more doctor bills. OK, to me, that's like gambling. I had no clue what State Farm was going to offer me and I don't want to rack up more medical bills hoping State Farm offers me a decent, fair settlement to cover future medical bills.

Well, State Farm called me yesterday and offered me $1000 for my bodily injury/pain and suffering. Are they serious? That is ridiculous. I wanted to do this by myself and not get a lawyer but $1000???
I told the State Farm adjuster I would write out a letter with all my details and my request for a settlement amount. She was very polite and said ok. My question is...what is a fair amount to ask for?

I might add that I didn't go to a chiropractor, I went to specialists.

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