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M Jul 25, 2016 Review updated:

I paid $597 to have the carpets on my 1st floor cleaned. Though the cleaning met expectations, the technicians flooded my house with so much carbon monoxide that I had to vacate for nearly two hours. The firefighters had to bring in industrial fans to clear the poison, unavoidably re-soiling my wet carpets. Had my alarms failed, I would be dead. Stanley Steemer's response? After 5 phone calls, a manager finally made contact to offer a 20% discount on a future visit. Laughable to think I'd risk myself and my family again. BEWARE! With so many other options, pass on Stanley Steemer who clearly makes your home dangerous!


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      Dec 06, 2016

    they came, they were great, until the carpet dried, then I noticed..even more that the heavily traveled area was still there. I called & they were very polite & said they redo the floors ( 4 rooms). I only wanted the walkway area done... the man that came was arrogant & firstly said ' it's not going to look any different than now ' and proceeded to steam clean, but not really, it was barely damp when he left. I asked him if he used a stronger chemical to clean heavy dirty spots, he said NO they don't use them anymore, they use a citrus spray that is non-allergetic. I told him I have spot remover that they gave me in prior years, he said..that's only for coffee spills etc & they are out of it, not realizing the business they would be having at this time & that there is nothing more to be done, that my carpet was old..oh well $375.00 later FYI: used my spot cleaner on what they couldn't clean & It worked...I will never use them again, shame on them! gloria

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