Standardchartered Bank Dubai / charging of interest.

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I have been using Standard chartered Bank since 5 years and also have a salary account with them. I took a loan by converting credit limit of credit card into cash. I had agreed on auto deduct of installment every month and deduction of final outstanding at end of term. At time of last payout, although there was enough balance in my account to clear out dues only minimum due was cleared by bank on due date. I got SMS notification of deduction around 9 am next morning. Whenever I withdraw cash via ATM I get SMS notification in 30 mins however in this case the SMS took a full 14 hrs to reach me. When asked the call center said it is the carrier who bears responsibility.

Once I got SMS i contacted the bank call center asking them why full balance has not been auto deducted. they said we only deduct minimum due which contradicted to what was discussed six months ago. I then immediately cleared all dues via phone banking since internet banking did not function in Internet Explorer 8 browser.

Surprisingly, I was charged finance charges by bank and inspite of my request to the contact center there was no rollback entertained. It looked very cheap to discuss 10 mins to discuss this minor issue for a full 15 mins. When I complained on email they asked to visit their branch to discuss the same. The cost of to-fro travel to the bank was less than amount I was asking to be rolled back. They decided to ignore replying to this point.

Another point is the Standardchartered has a Mail Box facility in the online banking website. All outgoing complaints made by you are never visible in "sent items" folder. Only incoming email responses are seen.

I get constant reminders for going "green" by opting for e-statements instead of paper statements. However they charge 100 AED for a paper statement on demand .Local banks like NBD in UAE only charge 10 AED for similar statement. StanC charges 50 AED for cheques from customer when the new rule was implemented in UAE recently to have forgery protected cheque books. I think it is bank who must bear cost to rollout cheque books instead of passing onto customer.
StanC is "still" working on fixing SEWA online payment since a few years when Mashreq has succeeded. Probably Stanc is not interested in fixing the integration to save some money at cost of inconveniencing customers. I like their punchline "here for good"

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