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I am utterly dissappointed with the kind of serbices that I received when I do a fund transfer with SCB Credit card.

I lodged in a complain through their customer service hotline, the complain was as follows;

I've called in on Last Friday at 3plus wanting to do a fund transfer on my credit card for 1% processing fees at 0% interest for 6 months after I received the marketing letters that you send over to my place.

Your staff called back at 5pm trying to sell me another package but I told her that the letter that i've received is at 0% interest rates and after checking with her superior, she have me a call back at 6pm and I made an application over the phone and was told that the application will take 3 - 5 working days.

I did an indication to her that when I do funds transfer with other banks, I will usually get my funds within the next day if I make a transfer to my account within the same bank and within 2 - 3 working days if I transfer to another bank.

I've also told her that I needed the funds urgently and that I have funds coming in on this Friday, do I need the funds to tie me for this for this week.

I needed the funds for a deposit to be place for a first phase condo on Malaysia, so I made a call back on Monday to check with regards to the states of the application, but was shock to find out at 6pm that no application has been made on the card. 

I requested for a call back which I received on yesterday, Tuesday, 27/03/2012, at 2pm by another sales staff stating that she is doing a call back understanding that I requested to do a fund transfer.

I was shock and told her I did an application on last Friday and I want to know when am I able to get the funds. I received another call back at 5pm and was told that the application was approved but I NEED TO WAIT TILL FRIDAY IN ORDER TO GET THE FUNDS.

I WAS SHOCK, EVEN AFTER YOUR APPROVAL YOU'LL TAKE 3 days to transfer the funds. I gave an alternative in relation to transfer funds to my SCB Account but she told me it'll still take 3 working days.

If I've know your process is so slow I would have made an application with another bank and not with SCB, I'm utterly disappointed with the process, the service that was provided. Today is the last day for me to place a deposit for the condo and if I dun place it by today, I'll incurred additional charges, is the bank going to be responsible for this? And the timing is too rush for me to get the funds from another bank. I could only reckon that my funds that I transfered out is too little and SCB is not interested in the small amt of revenue that I'll be provide for this transfer.

Pls kindly assIst to revert with a solution by today, else, I should write in to media to express the displease in the services by you bank.

The reply that I've gotten on Wednesday was that they'll transfer the funds into my account by 2pm, 29 March 2012, which was today.

When I check the account, not only not a single penny has been transfered but the staff did not get back to me even till this point when I was writing this complain on a complaint portal.

The kind of over promising and under delivering service that I have gotten not only caused my fustration, it also made me incurred a $10k forfeited deposit which I have place with the seller for the property.

They don't even have the courtesy to give me a call back to explain in relation to the whole screwed up process! I would urge anyone who have accounts with SCB to think twice before doing a fund transfer with the bank.

The whole process sucks and they delay in the funds bring transfer will only be giving yourself not only fustration but in situation like mine, being slapped with forfeited penalty. This lesson is too expensive and I've lost my dream property and I can only reckon that it is due to the revenue that I'll be contributing to SCB is too little and that is the reason why they are not at all interested in doing business with me.

I hope after reading my real life experience, anyone who might want to do business, pls give it a serious second thought.

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      1st of Apr, 2012

    I have forwarded the story to Hope you will get the recourse you needed. Here it is:

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