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We are using credit card no. [protected] of standard Chartered Bank in the name of Suresh Sharma with Add-on card No. [protected]. The card was in regular use for a long time and all the purchases made were being paid off in time. But suddenly from January-2007, the bank started to charge some unjustified and unsubstantiated charges in the nature of finance charges and service charges. On contacting to the customer care, we were always assured that these are due to the system problem and will be waived off in the next time. But we were surprised to see that these charges were not waived off instead bank has charged further charges in the same shape. After contacting to the customer care again, We were again assured that these will be adjusted in your next statement.Although we were making payments for the purchases made. But the bank was adjusting the payments made proportionately to the different cards and that's why the balance was outstanding in our card account.

Now the position is this that inspite of all the principal payments made, the bank has made a big outstanding in card account in the shape of finance charges & Interest & Service Charges thereon. still we are using the card & making the payments of the purchases made but the bank is adjusting these payments proportionately to outstanding amounts of other add on cards resulting in an outstanding of big amount.Althoug all the payments are being made. we are not at any fault because at all the statment time, I was being assured by the customer care of the bank regarding the waive off of the charges in next statement.

In view of above, you are requested to please take up the matter with above bank and arrange to reverse all the unjustified and unsubstantiated amount charged in the bill to sort out the matter.


Wg. Cdr. Raj Dhanoa (Retd.)
Vice- President
Safari Bikes Limited
E-650, Phase-V
Focal Point, Ludhiana (India)
Ph. [protected] to 5012519
fax:[protected], 5012520
Email: [protected]

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  • Sa
      Sep 12, 2008

    I am also one of the credit card customer of SCB. I had also similar experience. After the prolonged correspondence with the bank, the bank credited the excess amount. I feel the customer care of scb is the worst compare to other banks. Still I am corresponding with them regarding credit card insurance policy. Hence it is suggested that it is correct to call the customer care over phone initially and subsequently it is better to keep in writing either through email or send a letter by courier and the bank have not credited the amount still, please make a complaint with all papers to bank Ombudsman. I hope the bank Ombudsman solve the problem neutrally.

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  • Aj
      Sep 25, 2008

    I also one of the victim of SCB. I had the worst experience .The customer care of SCB work on there own sweet wish. In the year 2003 I had surrend the card in the bank due to poor service after paying all the dues. Now after 5 year they are saying that there was a outstanig of Rs 2500 which after intrest had come to Rs 59000.00. This bank had stsrted making money this way.

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  • Na
      Nov 24, 2008

    I also agree. This is worst.. I also paid all my dues by May 2007. After 17 months, they are saying that I owe Rs 10, 000/- . I dont know how on the earth, this can happen.. I stopped using these cards more than 2 years, infact, I tore them into pices and thrown in the bin.. This is ridiculos.

    Now, I am in USA, and I can't get this to customer care as anyway it sucks..

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  • Hi
      Aug 16, 2010

    I fully agree. Once you open a credit card with Standard Chartered Bank you can never close it. They will always come back to you one fine day years later and tell you that there is a huge amount outstanding. I have had a similar experience. Many years back I had settled my credit card account with them by paying the outstanding of Rs.10, 000 in full which in reality was far in excess of what was actually due to them. The credit limit of the card was just 25, 000. They came back to me a year later demanding Rs.55, 000. And the reason for this was according to them that there were finance charges, service charges, late fee, over the limit charges and charges for sending collection agents.

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  • Sa
      Oct 14, 2011

    worst bank.

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