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Spirit Airlines / lack of customer service and transparency

1 United States
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I booked a roundtrip flight from San Antonio, TX, to Orlando, FL, at least two months prior to my July 4th trip to visit family. I also purchased pre-seating from San Antonio to Ft. Lauderdale, as well as from Ft. Lauderdale back to San Antonio (since these were two of the longer flights), paying $10 per seat. Two of the three ticket agents at the San Antonio Airport were very rude to and impatient with every person in line. The ticket agent I approached was in such a hurry to see everyone she failed to print out my boarding ticket from Ft. Lauderdale to Orlando. When I found my seat 7D (the one I paid for, front aisle), it was dirty, along with my entire row. There were cookie crumbs everywhere. After waiting nearly 7 hours at Ft. Lauderdale just for my short 45 minute trip to Orlando, there was confusion as to whether or not gate H2 was an Air Jamaica or Spirit Air gate. The ticket agent from gate H1, with no sense of urgency, grazed his way over to H2 and rather disparagingly announced for Spirit passengers bound for Orlando to wait a little longer because our plane was an hour late. I approached the same ticket agent and asked if he could print me a boarding pass. Before I could explain myself why I needed one, the "gentle"man was quick (and loud) to ask how I got through security without one. After explaining the San Antonio experience, he motioned for me to follow him to gate H1, all at a snail's pace.

For my return home, the ticket booth inside OIA was outrageously long. I ended up using the skycap service, although I had no bags to check. This time, however, I got both boarding passes. This time, however, I noticed for my flight from Ft. Lauderdale to San Antonio, I was not sitting in the seat I paid for. I purchased seat 6D (front aisle) back in May. That's what my itinerary stated from the date I purchased my seats and tickets until the morning before I left for the airport. My boarding pass now showed I was sitting in 16B (middle-back, and in the center). Spirit Airlines' website makes not mention of re-arranged seating assignments if a flight is full (nor does the website have any contact information available). But it does state pre-purchased seats are non-refundable. I'd like my $10 refunded to me because 16B is not the seat I purchased. But more importantly--since more than likely I will not be getting $10 credited back to my account--is the fact that Spirit Air has a lot to work on in customer service and a better explanation of their policies. They need to be more transparent. I suppose I get the service I pay for... discounted quality at discounted rates. Never again will I fly Spirit Airlines, and I will do my best to ensure everyone I know stays clear, or risk being treated like something less than a human being.


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