Southwest Airlinesonline booking system and customer service

I attempted to book a summer flight and the system told me there was an error when I tried again I was charged twice but not booked on the flight. I attempted to book a flight for July 18th departing from Vegas to go to Rochester NY through the online iotion upon purchase there was a an error message that appeared I thought it was something I did wrong so I checked and tried again the next error message stated that there werent enough funds I checked my account and noticed Southwest had two pending transactions. After seeing this I called and was told there was nothing that could be done except to wait for the funds to clear my account and try to book again. I explained with great frustration that I did not want tot loose the price of the flight I asked to speak with a manager named Nikki who then put me on hold for thirty mintues andtold me my only option becuase she could not see my payments was to call customer relations the next day. I explained how unfair and pointless this was and she said she understood but could do nothing. I offered to fax and or email the proof that I was charged twice andshe said this was not an option.

Feb 03, 2017

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