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I am disabled, I have agoraphobia (I don't leave my house) but my grandma died and I needed to fly back to the midwest to do family stuff. I called the ADA six months ahead of time and they helped me get my dog certified as a service dog (just like an eye dog). She is little and her job is to help me through panic attacks and put distance between me and other people. I called Southwest and they said it would be no problem. I flew to the midwest without any problems. On my way back the ticket taker stopped me and asked for my paperwork on my dog, I told them she was a service dog (she had on her vest) and she didn't need paperwork, according to the ADA she has the right to go anywhere I do. Anyway, the ticket guy went and got his boss who, in front of the other passingers asked why I had her, what she did for me, and what my diagnosis was. She also told me that she wouldn't allow my dog on because I didn't have a vet note or a note from my dr. To make things short, I had a panic attack, thought I was going to die, and I was sobbing. Eventualy they let us on the plane, and after 3 Zanax I calmed down.
Anyway, the point is they made my worst dream come true. They treated me like I had done something wrong, and did it in front of all of the passingers. Just because you can't see my disability doesn't make it any less significant.

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  • Nu
      Jun 03, 2009

    First of all, ADA does not apply to airlines. Second your assertion that your pet suddenly became a service animal for the purposes of air travel are complete and utter ###! True service animals, those assisting the vision, hearing and motion impaired, go through a great deal of training. You simply concocted this agoraphobia excuse to be able to bring your pet along for free. Agoraphobia is a ### diagnosis anyway. It's just like "chronic fatigue syndrome." Some quack doctors got together and decided to re-name that Fibromyalgia. It's all just ###! Take a walk in your own backyard. Then gradually extend that to the corner of your block. Then around the corner. Before you know it you'll be able to go to the post office and grocery store like us "normal" people and get on with your life. Oh, and leave your "seeing eye chihuahua" at home!

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  • Tr
      Nov 10, 2009

    mr.nunyabizness, Your an ### ! You have no ideal what you are taking about.
    You have nothing better to do but to spit on people. Get a life.
    Listen to yourself, look in a mirror your disablity is probably just STUPIDITY.
    Service dogs do a lot of good, parents must have had to tie a bone on your nect to get someone to play with you. Service dogs are not pets, they are trained for specific problems. You need to grow up & clean up your mouth.
    You have kids, they carry germs, diseases, cough on everything & touch everything they can in a store. Service dogs must be clean, licensed, trained, vacin., & very obedient to commands. They do not touch, cough on or scream in a store "I want that"or just scream for no reason at all.
    Your messing with a fine line here & they do have rights.

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