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Southwest airlines is great until there is a problem. When there is, forget about getting it resolved. I recently had my luggage lost on southwest. My bag had medications and a few other things in it other than clothes. I was told, I should have had better sense than to check my bag with medicine in it and if I needed to get it filled, I should pay to go to an emergency room and have a doctor see me to get the prescription filled. I was then basically called a liar about when I had called in and what was said. Their customer service is the worse I have ever seen. I know as soon as I get home, I will never

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  • Pa
      Jan 29, 2008
    Southwest Airlines - Lost luggage!
    SouthWest Airlines
    United States

    Southwest Airlines lost my luggage and then sent out rude letters to me calling me a lier and saying that I lied about losing my luggage because I had lost luggage on another carrier.

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  •   Jul 21, 2008
    Southwest Airlines - Never use them
    Southwest Airlines
    United States

    I bought 2 tickets on line for my sister and niece. I typed the incorrect last name for my niece. I called southwest. They charged me $64 to make the change. It took a few seconds but the charge was $64. I have only taken one flight with Southwest, I will never take another.

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  • Su
      Feb 20, 2009

    That is not just a "southwest policy" can thank the folks at Homeland Security. What SWA did for you was cancel the old reservation and book you on a new one, using the old funds...but at the current fare. Did you fail to notice you were not charged a change fee? You can't change names on an airline ticket once it is purchased. You MUST rebook the reservation and a new purchase made. In addition to that, you receive an email within about 40 seconds of booking the flight. Had you done that immediately, the mistake would have been caught, and the lower fare was probably still available. The problem with your situation is that you don't fly enough to understand how it works, yet you certainly know how to find a complaint board.

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  • Tl
      Oct 11, 2010

    I was on my way to Iraq (deploying for 9 months) and stopping in Little Rock, AR to visit some friends. I checked two luggage bags with Southwest Airlines. When I arrived in LR, only one bag arrived. The bag that did not arrive, had all of my uniforms and precious belongings to include items that were unreplaceable. This was in July, I still have not received my bag nor any type of reimbursement. I did have a small jewlery box with my jewlery in it but that doesn't mean it is ok to just take someone's bag. It seems everytime I leave from the Phila airport something happens. Back in 2006, I flew with American when my mother passed away. Since I had many of her things with me, I decided to check my laptop right before I got on the plane thinking its right there but no, to my surpirse when I retrieved my laptop bag, the laptop was gone. The luggage bag really bothers me because I had the only pictures of my mother from when she was young and of friends would think that whoever has it would've at least turned in the pictures. What is wrong with this world? I will never fly Southwest again.

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  • Gl
      Feb 21, 2011

    Lost luggage with brand new stuff in it with tags and extras. Total was $1145, sending me a check for $790, guess they need that extra 30% to keep going. Never fly anyother airlines but looking into it now. My luggage, 2 pieces was lost, even though I saw it come off plane in Indianapolis but never made it to Chcago. And that little mistake costs this consumer $355 dollars (plus my airfare). How cheap is that. I put this posting on Facebook and here, soon to follow any other website I can. Southwest, I know you don't care but I am a little person fighting the uphill battle against big corporation. Best to tell everybody you know and then some. Thinking about putting a banner on my car and driving around Chicago with it. SOUTHWEST DOES NOT REIMBURSE YOU FOR ALL YOU "LOST" LUGGAGE. DOES NOT CARE ABOUT THE PEOPLE WHO KEEP THE AIRLINES GOING...

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  • Ra
      Nov 20, 2011

    you have that right. Southwest is great until you have a problem. Their customer service is a joke.

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  • Am
      Mar 09, 2014

    It's been over a month now and still no word on my dad's luggage. He came to Nashville to host karaoke for my son's 18th birthday party and they lost his luggage!!! Are you freaken kidding me!!! WTF southwest??? Not a happy Mom at all!! To make a long story short, No karaoke party, Dad lost $9, 000 just in karaoke stuff! That's not even including his clothing!! He also had all his medication in his luggage. I know I know you DO NOT put medication in your checked in luggage but he did. He was here for a week so we had to go to the VA hospital and still there all day long to get new medication and VA hospital is 50 mins away! This happend Feb 7th 20014 and we still have not heard a thing from southwest. My dad hosts Karaoke for a living for the veterans and now he has nothing to do karaoke with!!! REALLY SOUTHWEST!!!

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