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Southwest Airlines / laptop stolen from checked baggage!

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I had a 2 day business trip to Jacksonville Florida, I had room in my baggage and I didn't want the carry it though the check point. I put it in my checked baggage, the laptop made it to Jacksonville. I flew back to BWI and I live 2 hours from the airport and that night I was unpacking my suitcase and found my laptop missing. The person who took the laptop had the time to go through the computer case and take what they wanted to and then they put the case back in the suitcase. I talked to the TSA people at Jacksonville and they have video of thier people removing the laptop and putting it back in before passing it back to Southwest personnel. Southwest told me tat all they could do is a search of the airport and that is all they could do. They say that thier Contract of Carriage excludes liability for loss or damage of computer contained in checked or unchecked luggage. I get a letter telling me this and that they hope this experience to permanently tarnish your image of our airline.

I won't fly with Southwest again.


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  • Sc
      30th of Aug, 2007
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    I won't check a bag at all. If I travel with a laptop, I will ALWAYS take it on the plane with me at ALL times. The total value of the contents of a checked bag should never excess $100 (the value of your clothes plus some extras).

  • Ri
      27th of Dec, 2007
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    I flew Southwest fromTampa to Denver on the 23rd Dec and will go back to Tampa in the 3rd of Jan.I am dreading the flight, we were totaly unaware of the way you have to sit at the computer to get into sections. I do not play those kind of games trying to get into an A or B section. When our group was called of course the C section , Like a lot of people like us were unaware of this system. So naturally we were all bewilderd, the check in was disasterus. We boarded, and there were only sporatic seats , and people were saving seats for people in our group. I had to fly not having a seat next to my husband over 4hrs. One family was split up with 3 children. I will try to play your game going back, of trying to get an early board , onthe computer. But when I fly I like to know I have a seat next to my family especially when you book months in advance. That should be the boarding factor. First booked first served. Also the Young lady who checked us in was very condecending. She closed the door and said I am sure you all know how to count 1 an2 etc.Like we were in grade school.On the good side the snacks wre good. Yours Rita Carlson.

  • Dk
      8th of Jan, 2008
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    I traveled SW 11/07 ... I checked my digital camera in my suitcase. Dumb on my part because by the time we arrived back in Baltimore it was gone. I contacted the Director of Aviation at McCarran and they too reviewed the TSA tapes and determined that it was not taken by TSA ... leaving the ball in SW airlines' court. I received the same letter from SW that James received.

    At this point in time, it's not a matter of my monetary loss ... the pictures on that camera are worth more than SW could ever pay me. However, it is a matter of justice. They apparently have hired thieves in the form of baggage handlers. My thoughts are that when TSA places the sticker on the outside of your suitcase, if they in fact have to search your bag, that is a signal to the thief that something valuable inside of the suitcase. They open it, find it and STEAL it.

    Southwest Airlines simply does not take responsbility for it because their fine print on the ticket jacket says so. My question would be... so who is responsible for the hiring of theives that are stealing personal possessions from unsuspecting travelers?

    Southwest Airlines is enabling these people because they simply do not care. They are protected by the fine print. In the meantime, these thieves continue to help themselves to your personal items on a daily basis.

    It seems to me that Southwest Airlines and other airlines are allowed, by the government, to operate under different rules than the rest of us. They are allowed to continue to keep thieves on the payroll because no one cares enough to find out who is doing this. I cannot imagine that it would too hard to figure out. It was either someone in baggage handling at McCarran or in Baltimore. How hard could it be to take the bull by the horns and stop this from happening?

    Bottom line... I dont' care how cheap SW is. In the future I'll pay more to avoid flying them. They condone stealing and that is something that I find unethical!

  • Bo
      31st of Mar, 2008
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    Stolen luggage contents by SOUTH WEST AIRLINES [ Archive Post ]

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    Posted on 03/31/2008

    I am beyond devastated at having contents of my luggage stolen by South West Airlines employees. I am Australian and here on vacation- so to have basically my only possessions taken from me is so upsetting. On a flight from Texas to Fort Lauderdale yesterday, the 30th March, My boyfriend and I checked through two bags- his made it mine didn't. It was supposedly 'delayed' and then some what lost due to the tag having 'fallen' off and then it turned out once they finally located it that the only half the contents of my luggage was in there. I had my lap-top and the contents of my life stolen with all my personal information/documents/photographs/music/banking details etc on the lap top STOLEN. They also took out both mine and my boyfriends i-pods and all our i-pod accessories. They left us with a couple of t-shirts and my toilitries!! South West airlines of course takes no responsibility!!! I know I was stupid for checking through these items but as my luggage also contained toilitries I couldn't carry on. I actually made sure with the check in lady that my computer would be alright to send as it was fully protected and padded!
    Once I finally received what was left of my luggage- which took about 10 phone calls and a lot of tears and stress. I asked the luggage department if anyone but their employees would have had access to my luggage- and she even admited that no only their employees would have had access to it. I am so angry! Basically this means the airline can get away with taking anything they like from checked in luggage if they supposedly have no responsibility!! It is impossible to claim anything back or even get them to check their employees and find out why this is happening. I read another review on this site from a person who had the same thing happen to them. I would really like action to be taken. If anyone has any suggestions please let me know. I don't want to be left feeling powerless! When are airlines actually going to take responsibility for what is happening and making it impossible for the consumer to do anything to rectify this situation. Something needs to be done.

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