Southwest Airlinesaccompanying a minor to the gate

My niece lives with me and her mom (my sister) at our family ranch in Texas part of the time and the other part she lives in CA with her father. I have always used Dallas Lovefield Southwest Airlines for her to fly. Her mom and I always accompany her to the gate. It is an important time for us to be able to say our goodbyes. It is especially hard on her mom when we say goodbye and I am usually there to smooth things over. This time the ticketing person Ricardo did not allow me to go. He said only one person can accompany. Meanwhile my niece starts crying tears running down her face and i have to tell her i cannot accompany her. I asked to talk to a supervisor and she was very rude and told me no and that the person who let 2 people before should not have done that. I have always used southwest for your friendly accommodations and i will not anymore. My niece was devastated and the supervisors lack of empathy was disheartening. I'm sure that if the supervisor was dropping off her child more than one person could drop her off. I was humiliated and my niece was devastated.

Jul 28, 2018

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