Smith's / Smith's Food and Drug / horizon organic/ nonfat milk/ clerk assigned to this section of store

I shop at the Smith's at 9350 W Flamingo Rd, Las Vegas, NV 89147. In the last few months noticed there was no expiration date on my HORIZON ORGANIC/ nonfat milk, next time I went into store I asked to talk to the manger and the clerk assigned to that area came out and I explained for last few months there has been no expiration date on the HORIZON ORGANIC/ nonfat milk. He checked the ones in the case, this was 11/15/17 and they had no date as well. He explained the company that delivers the product he would contact. My daughter went back to the store on 11/18/17 and all the mills of that brand had no expiration dates on them as we both drink the same brand of milk but different types...

Smith's / Smith's Food and Drug
Smith's / Smith's Food and Drug

Nov 19, 2017

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