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SmartStyle / drunk hair stylist

1 Little Road and Route 54 CornerHoliday, FL, United States Review updated:
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Phone: 18007373535

I took my two year old son to SmartStyle the Salon inside the walmart store since we had some shopping to do and and his hair was over his eyes. My son has red-blonde hair and it's a shaggy cut which we love because he's just adorable <3. It was Memorial Day 2008. We got a hair stylist and my husband I told her to give him a trim. No joke this lady hacked off his hair at least 5 inches from the first snip. If I had been prepared for such an assault I would have snatched him right outta that chair and left that second. Turns out the lady either couldn't understand English or she was drunk. The hair is literally crooked and it's cut right to the scalp on the bangs area and then proceeds to go crooked to to a length to his eyebrow. If I had handed him a pair of scissors he could have done a better job. To make matters worse I spoke to the Hair salon Manager about it (by the way, the manager has PURPLE hair no joke) and she said she wasn't "there" when we told the stylist how to cut our son's hair therefore she could do nothing about it. I called the company three days ago and haven't heard anything back from them. Meanwhile, my son looks like a chemo patient!! I'm just seething. Let this be a lesson to all the people who to go salons. Walk out if you see some outrage from the second it starts otherwise you going to wind up looking like a freak with purple hair.

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  • El
      18th of Jul, 2008
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    I work at a Smart Style. I am professional enough to repeat a request back to my client so that misunderstandings are cleared up before the cut begins; I wish your stylist had done this. I am sorry this happened to you in a salon that I represent. Unfortunately, it is a corporation-based salon, and not all stylists are created equal; we have educated and knowledgable people working here as well as the ignorant/drunk/careless ones. The corporation just hires enough people to fill its stations, and sometimes the customer pays the price!

  • Tp
      8th of Jan, 2010
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    I went yesterday to get a hair cut and did the same thing to me inside Walmart in Pembroke Pines ...I called the company to make a complain and hope they do something about it! This lady was not drunk but was blind and deaf I showed her a picture of the hair cut I wanted and she just hacked off my hair !!! and she was even laughing about it I got really upset because of that. They should double check who work for them and if they qualify.

  • Up
      2nd of Nov, 2010
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    I got my hair cute at a smart style today in El Reno okahoma. I just moved here about a week ago, so i had no knowlage of any other salon in the area. I went to smart style thinking since they were in wal-mart they would be okay. As I found out that was not the case!!! The "stylest" if thats what you called it was very rude, she argued with me that my hair was green!!! (obviously most smart style employees ARE blind!!!) Even though my hair is blonde and far from green, i still let her do my hair, seeing i really didnt have much of a choice after the first snip. She also made faces as she was cutting my hair, (guessing the so called green hair was just gross) anyway i once again ignored it making sure to take her name to report just how rude she was. I asked her if she could thin my hair, because it is very thick and annoying, she then as if the rest wasnt enough argued that she would not thin my hair! and left it at that. I was so shocked at how I was treated I was at a loss of words, could barley speak!!! After I took a deep breath and thought about what just happend i asked her why she wouldnt thin my hair. she then and only then decided she would give me a reason that it would make my hair "big"... I then told her that it would not matter that i knew how i wanted MY hair done. So i guess out of the kindness of her heart she decited to "thin" my hair. (which was a snip here and there) anyway i finally got something like what I wanted or at least what she wanted. So i payed for my haircut that im not to happy about. I came home and called the 1 800 number to complain. Hopefully they will do something about this nut job of a stylest that works for them. I vowe to never get my hair cut there again!!! And I will make sure to tell as many people that I can about how I was treated!!!

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