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Sleepy's / Defective Mattresses/Bad Customer Service

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Two weeks ago I paid $1500 for a Laura Ashley firm king mattress from Sleepy's, plus the cost of with box springs.

After about 10 days a sag developed on the side of the mattress where I sleep. I called Sleepy's and was told to take photos and send it in. I did do so, using a level and showing how I could fit my hand up to my wrist under the level where the sag was. They agreed to replace the mattress. When the mattress was replaced the delivery people showed me that also one of the box springs was broken. (King set comes with two smaller box springs.) I called Sleepy's to have that replaced and they agreed to replace it.

Meanwhile after just two nights the second Laura Ashley mattress developed a sag. I called Sleepy's again.

Know this: Sleepy's will do anything to make sure it doesn't have to refund money for a mattress--even a defective mattress. That's its policy. You can only exchange it. And when you do the salespeople will try their damnedest to use your bad experience to convince you to purchase a more expense mattress. More not his in a moment.

Sleepy's customer service people are trained to return to two or three rebukes over and over again, not to listen to what the customer is saying. In the case of the first mattress, the customer service person first said I had to have the mattress for 60 days before I exchange it for discomfort. I clarified that I wasn't exchanging it for discomfort. I wanted it replaced because it had developed a sag. But again and again he would say that I had to keep it for 60 days before they would replace it for comfort. The first person I talked to obviously was starting to feel uncomfortable about that protocol. He knew what he was doing was unfair and bad service.

When the second mattress developed a sag after just two nights sleeping on it I called again. Same routine. Keep it for 60 days before exchanging it for discomfort. Again I kept saying (growing agitated) that it was a defective mattress. Note at this point I had received a total of four items from Sleepy's: two mattresses and two boxsprings. Of these, three (two mattresses and one box spring) were defective.

I asked to talk to a manager above the customer service rep who was parroting back the same lines as the previous one. The manager did the same thing. 60 days. She even insinuated that I was being dishonest about the sag. A couple time she said, "We don't know if there's a sag, we just know you're telling us there's a sag." My experience was that as soon as I challenged Sleepy's to provide the "guaranteed" customer satisfaction they claim in all their stores, the response was to become more hostile to me. But I held my ground. I actually wanted a rebate. But apparently there is no possible way they will do that which, of course, contradicts their customer satisfaction guarantee. But eventually she said she'd waive the 60 day trial period and allow me to pick something else.

Here's the issue. I have a bad back and bad knees. It took me over a year to find a mattress that felt good for both my back and my knees. When I went into Sleepy's again I was, of course, guided over and over to more expensive mattresses. I kept saying I couldn't afford it but the salesperson even said if I get the same mattress with the sags, it will probably sag again, so if I want something better, I have to buy something more expensive. There was one other mattress that felt OK--not great. Of course it was $800 more expensive. I can't afford that.

I was told yesterday by a customer service rep that if they replace the Laura Ashley, I could not expect them to replace it again, even if it sags, unless I wait 60 days. Same line: You have to wait 60 days to replace it for discomfort. Same response from me: this issue isn't comfort, the issue is you should always replace a defective mattress. That was the third out of three people I had talked to at Sleepy's who said the same thing about the mattresses. I then asked again to speak to a manager. I was told the manager would have to call me back. Here I am next day at 8 pm, and was never called back.

So here's the situation Sleepy's forces me into: I can give the Laura Ashley another try. But if it sags immediately like the two I have had so far I have to sleep on it for 60 days, compromising my back and knees. Or I can pay $800 more for a less comfortable mattress and compromise my back and knees anyway. That's their satisfaction guarantee. But more than this, call after call of customer service reps who appear to be trained mostly to do or say whatever they can to defend the company's products, even to the extent of suggesting I might be lying about the defective mattress, has led me to finding every possible place I can warn people about this company. I will not do business with them ever again. And I will do everything in my power to make sure everybody


Apr 26, 2016

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