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Sleep Number Bed / Not what you expect!

1 Augusta, GA, United States Review updated:
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My then 80 yr old Mother and I went to the Mall to look at the beds.We laid down on several.Felt wonderfull! Mother ordered one for herself and one for me as a suprize.
Soon the two beds arrived. 2 boxes, about 2.5 high, 2.5 wide 3 ft long.Yup, the whole bed.
We opened one and out pops several strips of grey foam, what looks like 2 plastic floats for a pool, pump, controls, and a quilted mattress cover with a zipper.It was easy to put together as theres not much to it.The controls had no numbers, within a month the mattress sagged, the foam moved.( I weigh 132lbs, my lover weighs 150lbs)the foam down the center made a ridge.
It was a very expensive mistake.A queen size one in fact.
Notice the only reviews to read on site are the ones that sound like the company wrote them and most don't leave a name or its a first name?
Hint if you're buying a bed.Take a camera, unzip the mattress cover, take a picture of just how thick the cover is, the foam, everything!Remember, the box springs are not included.
Good luck

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  • Sl
      2nd of Sep, 2008
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    Hi, I work for Select Comfort and we want you to know that help is available. We have and still do sell a bed that comes without Sleep Number controls as this allows us to provide a lower price point. On our 3000 Model bed, the difference between a Sleep Number control and a non-Sleep Number control is $200.00. Customers who purchase this 3000 bed do have the option to upgrade to the Sleep Number pump any time during their first year of ownership.

    Because our bed conforms to the shape of your body it's not unusual to be able to see where you were laying after getting out of it. For customers who want the bed to look nicer when they're not in it, we recommend setting the bed to it's maximum firmness after getting out of the bed. This will cause each chamber to fill more and give a more level and even appearance across the top of the bed.

    If your air chambers appear to be sitting lower than the foam sidewalls, we have chamber lifts [1" thick foam pads that go underneath the air chambers] to raise the chambers so they are level with the sidewalls. We send these out free of charge to anyone who requests them during their first year of ownership.

    I'd encourage you to give us a call at 1-800-472-7185 so we can discuss and address the aformentoined issues and any other you've experienced.

    James Freund

    Select Comfort Customer Service

  • Ja
      27th of Oct, 2008
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    James Freund,
    I have an 80 yr old mother who bought one of your expensive beds, and she wants to return it. Many issues, pump failure, leaks air, very hard to use, and terrible comfort. I asked her how the heck she would go out an buy something without researching the net. But she is older and doesn't know how, and she didn't ask. Anyway all of these failures happen within 30 days and now that she wants return it they say she has to pay hundreds of dollars of shipping and something about the pad...
    I own my own company and I would die if I had the complaints you guys have, but such is your business it seems, I guess you make money from stealing from poor old ladies with your excessive fees. Now to the point. If your in customer service give us a time to call you and arrange pickup.
    She has no contract from your phone sales, no sales reipt since the sellers were in such a hurry to collect her money, and no contract that specifies any of your preditory terms. The local store screwed up so we may have you cold if I get an attorney involved.
    People should not have to jump through hoops to try to return defective products to your warehouse when they purchase from a local store. Very clever tactics, sell a bed 100 times and make people pay you $400 each time for nothing.

    How would you feel if this BS was pulled on your mother? People Beware of this preditory company and their tricky agreement and did I mention their very nasty people on the phone when you have issues. They had my poor mother in tears.

  • Go
      23rd of Jun, 2010
    +1 Votes

    My grandmother has made the same mistake! She spent $5500 for UN-Comfort! The bed needed replacement pumps and foam within a few years, and cs wants to charge $300!!! RIP OFF! Sales people at sleep number are on commission, that is why they talk up the 20 year warranty, yet do not disclose the details! This company should be ashamed of themselves!

  • Ge
      18th of May, 2011
    +1 Votes

    Wow thank you for this information. I was just about to get 2 for my wife and I until I read this. Thank you and I hope these people give you your money back.

  • Cr
      4th of Jun, 2011
    0 Votes

    I have to agree with the above people. I was not only lied to within the store by the MANAGER about how the bed would HELP my wife with pre-existing neck and back pain (her husbands personal experience and "her own customer testimonials" was a big crock). Now my wife has lower back, hip and leg pains in addition to the pre-existing pain. The store manager also pushed us into the closeout model with statements like the newer one is not better. Buyer beware of the (pressure) tactics this unscrupulous organization uses. they DO NOT have a 20 year warranty that covers the entire bed mind you. ITS CONDITIONAL and does NOT cover many of the main components of the bed. Needless to say the returns dept wouldnt take the bed back - which is 100% new, barely used. If it were such a great bed they wouldnt have a problem taking it back as most people wouldnt be returning it as often.

    Im not really sure how they even justify the costs of a $5000 bed, when the material they use is less expensive and even breaks compared to the GOOD beds that have only a cover and foam that is natural which is extremely expensive and better for your health. I.e. DOES NOT GIVE OFF TOXIC odors or a by product of plastics.

    research and you will find this is not the bed to get. I found out too late.. hopefully you can protect yourself and stay away from select DIScomfort products. ALSO.. for those that dont want their beds you can research good housekeeping seal of approval.. im not sure how the beds made it onto that list. but they will take the return if its within 2 years of purchase.. im still in the process of that complaint - so we will see... im not really sure how much longer it will be on their list. I will talk to my PI atty and begin legal action... maybe even see a class action atty. this site does not have as many complaints as I have seen elsewhere..

  • Ca
      12th of Dec, 2015
    0 Votes

    I agree with all the complaints i have read. Unfortunately my husband and I purchased our sleep number bed on 02/12/2010. I had called once to complain that my husbands side of the bed had also collapsed, he weighs 330 lbs. I was told they would send out side walls, which I never received. I hope these people sleep at night for their lies. We paid close to $2, 000 dollars for our bed. We could have gone on a nicely needed vacation or paid off other bills. People wonder why this world is falling apart, it's because of this kind of attitude from companies like this. Mrs. Burd

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