Skout / my phone number got enrolled into your system by someone else

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I got a text last night that turns out was not the person I was talking with. They enrolled my phone number into your system. Please remove my number and any information of my person from your system. I will not be responsible for any actions based on this scam. I would like to get a confirmation notice that my number and any personal information has been removed.

My name is Dustin Smiddie and my phone number is [protected]

Aug 10, 2017
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  • Jn
      Feb 22, 2018

    Hey, I am currently facing the same issue. This is creating big problems for me. Could you please tell me if the issue got resolved for you? and what did u do to get it resolved?

    Would be very helpful.

    Thank You

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  • La
      Feb 21, 2019

    Hey I am also facing same problem. My phone number is added in skout. I got verification code and I shared it with someone else during chatting . Please resolve the issue

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  • Do
      Jul 11, 2019

    I got a skout code verification texted to me. I dont even know what skout is but should i be concerned someone has tried to use my phone humber to creat a skout account? is that even possible without me knowing?

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