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There was this dude that sent me multiple unwanted DICK pics and he also told me to send a picture of my boobs. I tried messing with him by saying 'Will you give me money if I send one?' (I just told him this because I got tired of people on this app asking for nude photos). He said no, then I said 'Ok. Then no pics.' But then I also told him that I was just kidding. Then I sent a cropped photo of a man's boobs (it looked like actual woman's breasts). He obviously thought it was a woman's. Then I asked him 'if he wanted to see the photo with my face on it' so I can reveal that it was not me but a man. He said yes and I sent the actual photo. He then proceeded to tell me that the man was my father and that my father was gay. Which makes no sense at all so I told him that he was a [censor] and reported him.

But then when I tried to use the app the next day, my account was 'banned' because I broke their terms. I emailed support and they told me that I was banned because I was 'soliciting money for SEXual photos'.

If this [censor] read the whole thread, she would've known that I was messing around with this dude because he disrespected me by sending photos of his ugly [censor].

If I was really trying to solicit money, then I should've done this to more than one person. And why the [censor] would I report the man I tried to solicit money from? I know that they will see our conversation so I'll also be in trouble if I did that.

This dating app caused me a lot of trouble because now, I can't find the one actual guy who I was having a very very nice conversation with. Thank you very much for ruining that for me Skout.

Jesus [censor]ing Christ.

Jun 16, 2017

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