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I emailed for some information as I have never hired a car in the US before. Firstly, I was greeted with Mr, which I am not. If your not sure, just don't use anything. I pointed out I wasn't a Mr (with the hope they would stop using it) This continued, so I was already getting a sense of rude customer service. I continued for information which I feel like I wasn't actually getting all the while being greeted with Mr! Eventually I received a reply offering 'special rates' if I provide some general information - I replied with the assumption I would be told these rates for me to then make up my mind. No, after being greeted with Mr for a 6th time, I also received a booking confirmation? Wait .. I didn't book anything! They took it upon themselves to pick our pick up & drop off, what class of vehicle and didn't even tell me how much this was going to cost.

Dear Mr. X,

Thank you for your e-mail.

We have created a reservation according to your requirements with the number XXXXXXXXX.

Further information on your booking will be sent to you within the next few minutes by email.

We wish you a safe journey and thank you for choosing Sixt!

Best regards

Just steer clear unless you want rude customer service and bookings that you haven't made!

May 05, 2017

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