Singapore Airways / payment taken but ticket not issued

New Zealand
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I am Varun Srivastava from Wellington, New Zealand. I had to travel urgently to India on 7th May 2012 and I went online on Singapore Airways Website for bookings. I put my credit card number and once I clicked submit the payment confirmation page did not poped up. I called up Singapore Airways call center and explained the situation to them, they said booking has not been confirmed and I will have to re-book. I re-booked with them over the phone and when they tried to charge my credit card it declined, I was surprised as I knew there were funds available in the card. I called up my bank (Kiwi Bank) and they said payment has already been taken by Singapore Airways. I called back Singapore Airways again and said payment is with Singapore Airways and requested them to issue the ticket. Singapore airways said they cannot as that booking is cancelled as I booked online, now I said to them payment has been taken by them now why can't they issue me with the ticket, they said the reservation which I made online has been cancelled and refund will take minimum 5 working days, I said I have to to India tommorrow due to a situation in my family the money has been taken by Singapore Airways and they should be issuing tickets to me. They said they cannot issue the ticket to me and I will have to pay them again for the ticket. I said I cannot as the limit of my card has been used by Singapore Airways and I need to fly tomorrow, the airlines denied to give me the ticket. Now the situation is, Singapore Airways has taken the payment but denied the ticket. I am helpless, where should I go, I need to be in India tomorrow, payment is with singapore airways but they have denied me the tickets. Singapore Airways booking confirmation aeme38 & jerpwu.

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