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I had terrible service from the crew during both legs of my trip from Japan to Singapore and then from Singapore to South Africa.
Firstly the flight attendants in my section were rude and seemed as if they were doing me, and other passengers a service by being there. I didn't take down any names but wish I had, the service was so crappy. And I didn't enjoy my travels. Since Singapore airlines is supposedly rated among the best airlines even in Economy class I was sorely disappointed. The flight attendants had a foul manner and were not helpful to me at all.

In addition, my in flight entertainment system failed to work after many tries by both myself and crew. I was told for over 2 hours that they would re-set the system, I should just sit tight. Over 2 hours of sitting and waiting!!
Eventually I asked to move to another seat. I then had to wait an addition hour for some crew to get permission. Whilst everyone on the plane had eaten and was otherwise entertained I sat waiting with no response even after calling attendants, they walked passed and intentionally ignored me.

May 17, 2015
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  • Ju
      May 14, 2010
    Singapore Airlines - Admin fee incurred for a internet booking change.
    United States

    Hitler complains about the level of service he gets from Singapore Airlines.
    See here:

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  • Av
      Jan 23, 2011
    Singapore Airlines - hair in the food
    United States

    I was flying Singapore Airlines from Singapore to Auckland when I found a strand of hair in my dinner. It was APPALLING and DISGUSTING. I had finished half when I noticed this. Singapore airlines pride themselves as being the best airline and their service as par excellence. After this experience I reserve my opinion.

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  • Ha
      Jul 24, 2012
    Singapore Airlines - Delay

    Plane departed four hours after scheduled departure time. The flight attendants were idiots and couldn't do anything right. Bad service no more flying with Singapore Airlines.

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  • Mi
      May 11, 2015
    Singapore Airlines - 3yrs to admit fault 12hr delay no compensation
    singapore airlines
    United Kingdom

    Its taken three years for them to admit fault after me and my son were delayed by 12hours stuck on hot plane with no food and water while they tried to fix mechanical fault. I'm still waiting for the compensation cheque and they're only offering 600euros per person too

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  • Mi
      May 11, 2015

    Need to add we were stuck on plane for 6hours on tarmac unable to get off to.use toilet or get food and water, we were then 12hrs delayed to get to final destination. Customer service is rude even though they've admitted to the CAA that it was Singapore airlines fault therefore compensation is payable

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