Singapore Airlinesprice gouging for excess baggage to student travelling from hk to london

I bought a 1-way ticket for my daughter to fly from HK to London before heading back to Canada. She was in HK on a university study abroad program for 4 months and was travelling to London before heading home. The departure date was May 8, 2017 at 6:50PM. We advised her to find out information on baggage allowances. She could not readily find the information online as it was very confusing. Her father could not figure it out either. She tried to call the Singapore Airlines (SA) office in HK, but could not get through to speak with anyone. I was already in London, and so I called the office in London; the person told me there will be a charge but did not give me any more information on the fee structure. The only option left was for my daughter to go to the airport early and seek the assistance of the SA personnel at the check-in counter. My daughter arrived at the airport 5 hours before departure. No one was there to help her. The SA counter was not open. It finally opened around 2 hours before departure. By then, time was tight. She was told she needed an extra bag because one bag was over limit. She bought an extra bag at the airport to reshuffle her contents. She was then told that the fee for the approx. 25 kg excess baggage was CAD$1840.61. Her airline ticket was only CAD$621.85. We asked if she could send her excess baggage via cargo. She was told she needed to go to another spot at the airport but the person could not help further. By then, my daughter was in a panic and almost in tears. There was no time left to sort out other options, and we finally conceded unwillingly to paying whatever the amount was thrown at us in order for her to make her flight. The SA counter attendant had the nerve to laugh and say 'oh, you have to pay now?' -- That was just awful. My daughter felt so humiliated, upset, and to be laughed at, is like putting salt on an open wound. I am so very upset at this entire situation. For the price of a second airline ticket, my daughter would have been allowed 30 kg baggage. My proposed solution is that instead of charging 3x the airline ticket for excess 25 kg in baggage, I would be willing to pay the price of a second airline ticket at the most (i.e., CAD$621.85) since a ticket comes with allowance for 30 kg baggage. For the cost of the excess weight, I could have paid for 3 of my daughter's friends to fly from HK to London with her ~ that's how unreasonable this price gouging is. I chose Singapore Airlines for my daughter because I felt she would have the best experience vs other airline options. It turned out to be a nightmare, and we are being fleeced for this costly and horrible experience.

May 19, 2017

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