Singapore Airlines / fee charged to rebook flight


I refer to our flights in May/June this year from Port Macquarie/Sydney to Singapore/Malaysia and return booked through Helloworld Travel Port Macquarie, Australia.

While in Kuala Lumpur we made a 2-day trip to Malacca where unfortunately my partner became unwell so we then decided it best to return directly to Singapore from Malacca by coach on 15/6/18 rather than return to KL for another 4 days before catching our booked flight from KL to Singapore on 19/6/18. Of course we expected to forfeit the fare already paid for our Silkair flight from KL to Singapore, even though we cancelled in sufficient time for our seats to be re-issued.

What we did not expect however, was the $770.00 fee to simply retain our Singapore to Sydney tickets on the same day and on the same flight as we had already booked, and it would be appreciated if you could explain why such an excessive fee was required.

Relevant flight details as follows:-

Tuesday 19/6/18 - Kuala Lumpur/Singapore. Flight SQ5118 (Silkair) - the cancelled flight.

Tuesday 19/6/18 - Singapore/Sydney. Flight SQ221

We did enjoy travelling with Singapore Airlines and we look forward to flying with you again next year.

John Kay

Oct 10, 2018

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