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I have been a very satisfied and happy kris flyer member. Whenever I call kris flyer hotline to purchase sia tickets since 2005.
On jan 11th 2017, 1900hrs I called kris flyer hotline as stated in the promo code " pasilver' to purchase tickets to london.
I was assisted by a male staff named ' malcher '. He was clueless about the "pasilver" and I had to explain about the 5% discount for seniors purchasing sq tickets. After giving both our kris flyer membership numbers, I then gave my flight schedule 25th june 2017 on sq 318 and return on sq 319 on 9th july 2017 to london and also the price was shown $ 1, 197.80 per person.
While speaking to him (Malcher) on the phone, my son was also going to book his flight as we were suppose to fly together but because of " pasilver' we had to go thru' kris flyer hotline.
Malcher, kept repeating that he could not locate the price $1, 197.80 which I have given him. He kept repeating "flexi' a few times. I, told him my computer showing the price and flight details was in front of me and how come he cannot locate?
I had to tell him, it was under the "economy super saver" and not "flexi". To my surprise, he said on his side the details was not updated. The impression I got was ' omg', singapore airlines' infrastructure was so outdated and lousy?. He said, he needed to call me 10mins later after he has updated his side. I specifically said I need both me and my husband to be on sq 318 and return on sq 319 at $1, 197.80 price, to which he said not to worry and will get back to me 10mins later.
After 15 to 20 minutes, I called again and was attended to by a lady 'wei ting' and told her I had spoken to malcher earlier about my flight purchase and she said will get malcher to call me once he is done.
By the time malcher called, he said he got both of us on sq 318 and sq 319 to london and back, and after the 5% discount under "pasilver' my ticket per person is $1, 382.80. I ask him how come the price of $1.197.80 after 5% discount becomes more " expensive "?. To which he replied that the ticket cost $1, 417.40. I told him my son just got his ticket at the $1, 197.80 price as I was speaking to malcher earlier. He then said my son was lucky and the last one to get that cheap price $1, 197.80.
Therefore, due to this slow, not updated and incompetent staff, malcher, I ended up paying numerous times more for my tickets with a pathetic 5% discount 'pasilver' promo (About $25 to $35 discount).
We, my family, siblings and friends fly " sia " so that, as citizens of singapore, we support our national carrier "sia ", even though it cost more than other airlines at times.
I was very angry, unhappy and dissatisfied with " malcher:'s slow service.
Now, I am skeptical and disillusion with sia services and find it meaningless to support sia.
Singapore airlines used to be ' one " of the " best" airlines in the world, set up by our founding fathers, but not anymore.
Time for singapore airlines to sit up and pull up their socks or risk losing more customers (especially citizens who support our national carrier".
Sia ").

Yours truly,
Sun yock fing.

Jan 23, 2017

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