Singapore Airlineschanging the flight schedule

I Nov 29, 2017

Hello, my name is Inna. I am complaining on behalf of my mother, who supposed to fly from Sydney, Australia to Odessa, Ukraine via Singapore by using Singapore airlines. This is supposed to happened on 29 of November at 4.10 p.m, Sydney time. Flight number is 9321, confirmation number is USWPQ3. When we just arrived to the airport, we have been told that the plane is delay for 3 hours, what is mean that my mom will be late for the following flights and as a result would not be on time in Odessa for work.
First, we paid so much money to get to the airport and back on 29-th, and need to pay for this on 30-th as well. I think that airline could inform in advance that there any problems with the flight!!! In our Hi-tech world there are so many ways to do so!!!
Secondly, she will get the penalty at work for being late. I am not even mentioning the stress she has got experiencing "such a good time management" of the SQ airline.
In airport when we arrived, and been told that the flight is late for 3 hours, there was just one poor assistant helping out and trying to solve the problem of so many upset people. Obviously, he didn"t manage to satisfy all the customers. The offer we had got was not suitable for my mother.
We are flying very often and I really disappoint this time a lot!!!
Now I know that we cannot trust the SQ and I will try to avoid using this airline in the future!!!

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