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Singapore Airlines / level of service

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Jakarta, 1 September 2008

Country Manager
Singapore Airlines

Dear Sir/Madam,
This letter is to complain about service I recently received from Singapore Airlines during my trip on August 31, 2008 with 3 (three) important clients:
Flight : SQ 333Z (CDG-SIN) connecting SQ 952Z (SING-CGK)
Passenger Name :
1. Mr. Abiprayadi Riyanto
2. Mrs. Indrasjwari Kartakusuma
3. Mrs. Sita Arvianti
4. Mr. Amran Nasution

Below is the detail unpleasant experience:
1. On Aug 31, 2008, SQ 333 had problem which caused a delay arrived time in Singapore, and we did not received any information accordingly.
2. As soon as the flight landed, we directly went to the Register/Check in desk and then showed the officer our boarding pass. The officer persist that the airlines had took action to rearrange the ticket to the next flight. His reason was because of the delay problem, there was not enough time to do the baggage.
3. I had to explain my concern to him several times that baggage was not problem to us since four of us had an important meeting to attend immediately. We need to go as scheduled.
4. Then we had to go on the next flight. I was quite frustrated. The other three persons are our important clients and we had chosen Singapore Airlines with First Class and Business class to comfort our guests.
I expected a much higher level of service from Singapore Airlines, and I am quite disappointed. Your company supposed to inform the passenger before take any action, specifically when the boarding pass was already issued. I expect both explanation and apologize in written for this unpleasant experience and make sure this will not happen other time, most important to your member (Kris Flyer holder).
Should I do not receive any action from your company during 7 (seven) workdays, I will inform national newsletter about this.


Abiprayadi Riyanto
Mandiri Manajemen Investasi
Plaza Mandiri Lt.28
Jl. Jend. Gatot Subroto Kav.36-38


Flight Details:

1 SQ 963Z 26AUG 2 CGKSIN RR1 1905 2140 /DCSQ*LKQ3T8 /E
2 SQ 334Z 26AUG 2 SINCDG RR1 2340 0655 27AUG
3 SQ 333Z 30AUG 6 CDGSIN HK1 1225 0655 31AUG 7 HRS - Seat 21A -
4 SQ 952Z 31AUG 7 SINCGK HK1 0750 0825 HRS /DCSQ*LKQ3T8 /E - Seat 18A -

1 SQ 963Z 26AUG 2 CGKSIN RR1 1905 2140 /DCSQ*KKUVMU /E 2 SQ 334Z 26AUG 2 SINCDG RR1 2340 0655 27AUG 3 HRS -Seat 12A -
3 SQ 333Z 30AUG 6 CDGSIN HK1 1225 0655 31AUG 7 HRS - Seat 14A -
4 SQ 952Z 31AUG 7 SINCGK HK1 0750 0825 HRS /DCSQ*KKUVMU /E - Seat 12A -

1 SQ 967F 26AUG 2*CGKSIN RR2 2015 2250 /DCSQ*L7YRJH /E -Seat 18D/18E –
2 SQ 334F 26AUG 2 SINCDG*RR2 2340 0655 27AUG 3
3 SQ 333C 30AUG 6*CDGSIN HK2 1225 0655 31AUG 7 HRS - Seat 16D/16F -
4 SQ 952C 31AUG 7 SINCGK*HK2 0750 0825 HRS /DCSQ*L7YRJH /E - Seat 18D/18E

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  • Tk
      3rd of Sep, 2008
    +1 Votes

    Why don't you complaint directly to Singapore Airlines Indonesia? This way, you will get a faster response. Putting you stuff here is illogical. There is no SIA rep to read this. You expect 7 days for them to response. How can they if they don't see this until much later. I don't think complaintboard will send this to SIA.

    My recommendations:

    1. send the mail directly to SIA Indonesia and SIA Singapore (you can find their e-mail address in
    2. unless you are a PPS or Solitaire PPS, don't even bother to mention Krisflyer as Krisflyer is just a program. They got many many Krisflyer. Even if you are Gold Krisflyer, it is irrelavant
    3. if your guests flew on Business or First, mention this and they will act on it with gusto.

    This is my advise to you.

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