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N Oct 16, 2018 Review updated:

It's so sad how we get treated when we shop at our township shoprite. Firstly the cashier was on the go slow mode, I get to the till she after ringing all my groceries she advise that I cannot use my husband's card which is understandable for safety precautions. I then asked to withdraw cash on a till right there inside the shop, about a few steps away and there was no line and she tells me she can't wait for me with a huge attitude, and me thinking she's joking since I've been standing on a queue for over 30minutes I walk to the atm. On my return, not even a minute was gone and she tells me she has cancelled all my groceries and she proceedproceeded with other clients while I stand there like I'm crazy. I had to ask her if I should join the line again or what, she was so rude if I did not need the stock I was there to buy I would have left everything and left.

Please give your cashiers training on customer service. My contact is [protected].

I will not be buying from Shoprite Esikhawini ever again, I will not be treated like I'm stupid.


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      Nov 26, 2018

    Good Day

    I was at Shoprite Eloff Street Johannesburg on 24th November 2018

    I wanted to buy the platinum Iron that was advertised Sale Started on 19th November 2018 till 25th 2018

    When I got to the till they told me no its not on sale and there is no booklet in the store so they can't help me

    I than asked for the Manager that had me waited for 30 min and still pass me bye and told me to wait his coming
    I don't think that is how business should be done and the sloppy attitude that the tell supervisor and Manager gave
    me However the product is on special how do we go about this poor service cause I don't see why your store advertise but don't deliver I need to know

    Thank you

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      Nov 26, 2018

    @Taves Sorry Correction

    Sale Started 19 November 2018 to 25th December 2018

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