Shoppers Drug Mart / seniors policy

Toronto, ON, Canada

I don't know how a company of this size can't have a consistent policy with regards to the age of seniors. At one store I was told that anyone over the age of 55 gets the senior's discount. At another store, I was told the age is 60. I asked Shopper's corporate office what their policy is and I was told the age is 65. When I asked them why it is different in the stores, I was told it's because the stores are individually owned and they can do pretty much whatever they want. In spite of the stores being individually owned, I still think a large corporation such as this should have consistent policies and standards for all their stores. I want to know that I will get the same deals / discounts in every store, regardless of where the store is located or who owns it. To me, they're all part of the Shoppers Drug Mart banner and should all operate with the same, consistent standards.

Jun 5, 2015

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