Shoppers Drug Martsale item not available but no rain check either.

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Hello Staff,
Shoppers Drug Mart.
150 Montreal Rd, Ottawa, ON K1L 8H2

Today January 19th. 2017 I was in Vanier's Shoppers Drug Mart ( address above) since every Thursday seniors can enjoy 20% discount sale o every items in the store.
I went in to pick up 4 bottles of distilled water when there were only 3 available. I asked the supervisor ( whom was just about going home at 5PM) whether she give me a rain check due to store's fault luring people in for sale day but not goods available. The supervisor lady rudely, , ( it seemed she did not care a crap about rectifying store's missing items on shelf mistake on sale day) and she rudely hassem me away with " SORRY WE DON"T GIVE OUT RAINCHECKS" .
Honestly, she sound a pretty stupid person not knowing how to run an establishment and how to rectify store's mistakes.

Jan 19, 2017
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  • Ks
      Jan 24, 2017

    1. It's not a store's "mistake" if the item is sold out
    2. They cannot give a rain check with a senior's discount applied to it, they physically cannot conjure up that kind of rain check. They cannot price adjust on a rain check receipt.
    3. Quit whining about not getting your 4 bottles of water, settle for 3, and purchase 4 next week.

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