Shoppers Drug Mart, Marlborough MallService

I am a nurse at the tuberculosis clinic in Calgary. We have often used this pharmacy to help us deliver direct observed therapy to our TB patients. Recently, the manager at this pharmacy agreed to do 6 months direct observed therapy for one of our clients. This pharmacy gets reimbursed for every time they dispense a TB medication. One month ago, the pharmacist said that they were too busy to continue doing direct observed therapy for the TB clinic. I clarified that she would continue offering this service for this client until the end of her treatment, but that they didn't want to take any new patients. She confirmed this. Today when I sent more medications over, they were sent back to me. When I called to ask why, the pharmacy manager stated that they are refusing to see this client any more. She stated that she never agreed to finish the client's therapy. This is very unfortunate for a company that states they are community based and wanting to reach out to the people in their community. It is not good service to start someone's therapy and then refuse to finish it.

May 02, 2017

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