Shoppers Drug Mart / coupon for lindt chocolates not accepted at york lanes (was before)

I went to york lanes shoppers (York University this morning and as ive been doing last couple of weeks, i was buying a bag(box) of lindt datk chocolates, on which there is a $3 coupon to be used on next purchase.

Well the young man working the cash was quite adamnt (nad this actually quite insulting by implying that I Had to buy the big box of lindt chocolates in order to get the $3 rebate)

Ive talked to Lindt this morning as well, and as at york lanes they ve previously accepted the coupon when i bought my last couple of bagboxes of lindt dark chocolate.

Anyhow the lady i spoke with at Lindt customer and corporate service found this odd, as she told me that coupon is meant for the bagbox as well not just the very big box of lindt chocolates

Yes they were on sale too thos morning, which gave me thw impression this young teller was just onterested in collecting monies; "customer service and following up on offers/ coupons, be damned ! "

Id like this Resolved ASAP

Iy was Quite Aggravatinh.

Thank you,


R. Tomasi

Nov 22, 2017

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