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I suffered a loss of a total of $103.20 after dealing with Shenzhen Lihaicheng Technology Co, Ltd.

I have received a motherboard that was totally different than the one I ordered and different than the photo on their website. After sending them photos of the difference and many debates, finally they admitted their fault and instructed me to send it back with their choice of shipment. The following are sections of some of their e-mails:

"Really sorry for the motherboard problem. pls send the motherboard back for me .Make sure it's good condition and delivery it safe .After received it, I will refund the full money for you."

Also, when I asked about method of shipment:

"Really sorry for the business this time .if have more business, we will be more careful .Thanks for your understanding .I think Xpresspost International is better .I will receive it and refund you soon .pls send it by Xpresspost International .Thank you very much ."

Also, this e-mail by Maggie (one of the representatives of the company):

"Pls send the motherboard back with your payment for the shipping cost . Thanks for your cooperation
Have a nice day".

So, I trusted what they said and I sent it back with the receipt of the shipment cost as requested, and the receipt of the import tax that I paid when I received the wrong motherboard. But they only refunded the cost of the motherboard. When I asked them about the refund of the other costs ( Shipping cost $81.18, Import tax $22.02 ), they sent this e-mail:

"About the shipping cost and import tax. we can not stand it.
1.We have refund the motherboard cost. Why? Why I should take a such big loss on the shipp freight??
2.Maggie has said that you stand the shipping cost, not us. no matter what you say, we will never pay the shippiing cost. impot the goods, of cause you sand the import tax. Have you seen that there is someone import goods and the seller stand the cost? It is ridiculous."

I believe It is the most outrageous that, not only they hassled me by sending the wrong motherboard, but also they have dared to request an expensive way to return it back to them and then refuse to cover it. It is totally unfair that I have to absorb the cost of their mistakes. As I was searching for a place that I can apeak about what was done to me, I found another similar story with the same company and here is the link to it :
This is my true story, don't make it yours.

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  • Ka
      Aug 09, 2011

    I wish I had seen your post BEFORE I purchased from them! We purchased a motherboard that would not function properly. The first 5 or so responses were telling us things to try. We are computer techs we know what to try and we had tried it all. It simply was NOT WORKING! Finally I get the RMA information and send the part. They attempt delivery FOUR times. I sent numerous emails to the person I was dealing with and finally (coincidentally on the 46th day after their 45 day return policy) they tell me she is no longer there and they will go get the package. they will not honor a 45 day warranty because no one "picked up" the item until the 46th day! W T F??

    Now they tell me that if I spend more money they'll help with repair costs??? Here is her answer "so this is happened now, so i tell u, if u can buy some other things from me, then i can give u some discount to make up the charge for repair, u know i must to handle like this for this is the rule, can u see me. about to pick up the parcel u return, it is not no one to pick up, for the forwarder inform us to pick up on 3th, Aug."

    The parcel was there, I had been informing someone that it was there, it was a stall tactic to avoid warranty I am certain!!

    SCAMMERS! Hope others will search out this company before using them!

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  • Ea
      Aug 19, 2011

    I agree ! I hope that these comments will save others the violation of trust that we suffered !

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