Shell / water in the gas

Lincolnton, NC, United States

On august 31st 2017 i purchased fuel for my car, i filled it up $21:70 so i would be ready for the gas raise due to the hurricane coming, the next day my check engine light came on, i took it to my local autozone where they know me and my car, gary ran the codes and it pulled up 3 things, he said i more than likely got bad gas, but these 3 things have to be fixed because of it, exhaust manifold, $387.99-po325 knock sensor circuit malfunction-po420 catalyst system efficiency below threshold, over $500.00 in just parts, i am a 61 year old disabled widow, my son is a deputy sheriff of catawba county he took the main read out from autozone with him to the mechanic that works on the police cars, they told him the same thing about that code read out, , , i am living on a very fixed income, my car will not pass inspection like this, i am afraid to even drive it, i would really like some feed back on what am i supposed to do about my car.

Sep 17, 2017

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