Shell / sexual comment towards wife from male shell employee at gas station

Murrieta, CA, United States

On 4/29/2017, my wife and I brought our car for a hand car wash/detailing at the Shell station. At the shell gas station located at intersection of Murrieta Hot Springs and I-15 North. By 1 pm (California time) my wife was waiting for me to come out from the bathroom, in shell convenience store. When I came out of the bathroom, I noticed my wife was upset. All I heard was she saying: "No I don't", while taking 2 steps back.
I asked her what happened? She said: she was standing by, between the bathroom door and the cash register waiting for me to come out of the bathroom. She was looking over at a plastic shelf casing display. She added, I was looking at them because the graphics are very sexual suggesting; I didn't know what those were men sex stimulators (pills)! (She is already crying and upset while she is telling this). At that moment, a male shell employee who was at the register, came towards her from 10 feet away and told her and told suggested: "You don't need to buy those (while he was looking at the sex stimulators)". My wife told me: she was so embarrassed and in shock that all she could say was "No I don't". This is the moment when I came from the bathroom and noticed my wife already upset, not knowing what just happened to her. I looked at him, grabbed my wife's hand had head out of the store.
A few minutes later, at the car wash waiting area, she told me what happened to her. I went back in to the shell station convenience store, grabbed a bottle of water, brought it to the register and the same shell employee (ROB) was at the register. He was attending customers and asked him (while I was next to the other customer) what did you tell my wife when she was waiting for me. He said, with no eye contact, I don't know what you are talking about. I added: why would you suggest she doesn't need men sex stimulators pill when she was waiting for me. At this moment, I was raising my voice (very upset). He keeps attending the next customer, “next customer, he said”. He looked at me said: “all said was you don't need those”. I leaned forward the counter, raise my bottle and he said with a haft smile on his face: “what are you going to do, assault me?” He looked at the other customer and said: “next customer”. I got on line and when I was in front of him. He ringed my water, I asked why did you make that comment to my wife? He mentioned the price of the water (with no eye contact). I paid for the water with card and walked away from the register. I told him: you did not give me a receipt. He pressed some bottom, gave me a receipt, and walk away to talk to the other employee.
I told the other employee that I needed to talk to a manager. The other employee brought the assistant manager. I briefly told her what happened to my wife. I went to get my wife from the car wash waiting area, and my wife told her the story. The assistant manager (Carol) said that she will contact the manager and that on Monday I can talk to the manager about this inappropriate and unwanted sexual approach. I'm supposed to meet the manager and assistant manager on May 1st, 2017 at around 11 am. My wife was harassed by and employee of Shell company! We will have to see this person every time we go to this establishment. My wife did nothing wrong to be approached and felt sexually approached by this employee. What is Shell employees' policy about this type of approach to customers, and What is Shell going to do about it?

Mr. Quiroz
US Navy Retired

Apr 30, 2017

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