Shell / service

Lafayette, LA, United States

Went in for a soda left out being called a N**** by the white woman that said her name was Christine ...
I ask mam why is the door locked she immediately started to call me stupid and to stop asking dam questions. So I didn't say anything next she telling customers how dumb I am so I told her I'm not the reason your having a bad day she once again begin screaming and yelling telling me how stupid I am and she don't give a dam a me or this store so I was done and didn't want anything after that while walking out she ask pay for your stuff which I had none then she says fine don't come back anymore N**** . It took all I had not to drag her from behind that counter something needs to be done about her I started to go to the local news but I choose to see what actions your company will do. Hope she gets what she deserves no one talks to me the way she did please do something and contact me before and after it is done!!! This all happened Sunday June 25 around 7:00pm

Jun 25, 2017

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