Shell / refund issue

Kenova, West Virginia, United States

My wife purchased a 12 pack of coke at the Kenova WV location. Their machines were on the fritz and double charged us by mistake. That happens no biggie. When i went and told them what had happened I was treated in disbelief and very rude. I showed them on my bank app where they did. The girl called her manager who personally needs removed. Her manager got on the phone with me and told me she needed a bank statement printed from bank to prove charge because pending charges still may get dropped...i disagreed because other replaced do not do that. Anyway I said I'll come back once it clears through to prove it charged me. I also took back the coke product because they so rude and took 45 minutes for a refund plus had wait for someone else to drive there and do it. Yesterday I returned to the store with bank statement on phone to prove still was double charged...they argued with me andnonce again called the pathetic excuse of a manager Shelly. She still asked for a printed statement from my bank which is stupid when I had proof right there and refused to refund my card. It was not a large amount but I can't believe how I'll we have been treated. This apparently isn't the first-time Shelly has treated people this way. She needs removed or a law suit may be heading that way.

Sep 13, 2017

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