Shell Petrol Station / poor health and safety standards...

Princess Parkway., Manchester England Greater Manchester, United Kingdom

After falling due to spilt diesel, Shells Uk's solicitors drag it out for 3 months before concluding there was no spillage that caused me to slip, yet site owner admits to seeing it happen on Cctv. The site attendant who I reported it to informed me that it couldn't be cleaned up until the cleaners arrived which would be an hour after the incident happened because he wasn't allowed to leave the kiosk as he was on his own. So leaving the spillage there for other people to have an accident is by no means conforming with health and safety policy's, but now there solicitors say that the area was checked 5 minutes after it was reported. To my knowledge this was not entered into the accident book either which is a legal requirement upon an accident being reported, seems that Shell Princess Parkway Manchester is run by a bunch of cowboys who don't train their staff on the policy's to be followed in the event of a accident and Owned by a company who puts their customers safety second ... Won't use again and will put on all social media sites to inform other customers about their lack of concern.

Dec 23, 2015

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