Shell Mudway, KYrude employee

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Stopped to purchase soft drink, had been regular customer have for 2 years stopping until a few months ago when employee who was drunk waited on me and it was a very uncomfortable sitution. I started going to another store regularly but still stop there periodically the manager had ask me why I wasn't coming in and I told him the drunk employee had made me feel uncomfortable and I began stopping at the nearby BP. Which is owned by the same family.
Today when I stopped I took my item to the counter and the lady waiting on me was ringing me up and the manager walked up and said why are you here the BP is open ? He told her to stop the transaction and for me to take my business there both of us ask are you serious he said he was I ask for my money back. Then he said I am kidding go ahead. There was a line of people behind me and it was extremely embarrassing. I said no I didn't want to purchase anything there the transaction she said was complete so she handed my change. I will make sure I tell every person I meet in the small town about the experience I had there.

Jan 21, 2017
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