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Let me begin by saying that I hope that when there is a complaint regarding a local station such is the one listed above, there is still some way of addressing the complaint board which will then get back to the local station owner to address the problem.

In the early evening of January 25, my wife and I decided that her car needed gas and the Shell station in Eagle River Alaska was right next to the restaurant where we had just enjoyed a lovely dinner. I should state that I am Hispanic with black ancestry and therefore an adult male of color. I should also state that I am a very well thought of and recognized leader in my field as a physician and surgeon serving not only the local community but also other states where I often lecture on my specialty. While my wife got her car I walk over to the gas station to begin setting up the pump where my wife would be getting gas. we have a club membership, Fred Meyer, that is accepted for a discount by that shell station.

My wife drove to the pump within minutes and as I was going through the usual steps to dispense gas come up all of a sudden the pump shut off and the transaction was canceled. I could not understand why that happened but I repeated all the necessary steps to be able to pay for and get gasoline at the pump. Again, although I was doing all the proper steps, the transaction was canceled automatically and remotely. I walked into the gas station where I encountered Michael Millette, the owner of that Shell gas station at 11301 Old Glenn Highway, eagle river, AK 99577.

His email is [protected]

I politely asked Mr. Millette if there was a problem with the pump I was trying to use as it canceled my transaction automatically and had done so twice.

He glared at me (mind you, I had never met this man before) and snapped that he had turned the gas station off as he saw no one at the pump(I'm 6'3" and 220 pounds so I think I'm hard to miss )
I replied that I did not understand as obviously there has to be someone there working the pump for him to shut it off. He insisted that there was no one there he looked and I replied that I was there but that he apparently had not seen me.

I decided to go to a second pump which also turns off automatically in the middle of my transaction and actually even tried a third pump only to have the exact same problem with his turning it off.

At this point I was getting quite frustrated and it appeared clear to me that Mr. Millette did not wish to allow the pumps to dispense gas to me and actually seemed nervous when I walked into the station to speak to him.

I realize that other factors are always possible but trust me when I tell you that I feel Mr. Millette had unfairly profiled me as a large black man walking to his gas station and I suspect that he was afraid of me and either afraid that I was planning to steal gas or planning to use a fraudulent card, neither of which was the case, of course. I am not a defensive person but I also am quite perceptive and I was offended that the owner not only turned off the first pump but the next two independent pumps so that I could not complete my transaction and get gas for my wife. As one of the few medical experts in my field, I earn at least a high six-figure income, Live in peace with my neighbors and have friends in all walks of life.

The fact that the owner canceled my transaction on three separate machines let's me know that he had every intention of not allowing me to get gasoline from his station or his pumps and no one should be treated like that, no one at all!

I walked in the next morning and asked him whom I would send a commentary to regarding his station and without saying a word to me, he gave me his card which had the above information as if I was going to complain to his email and not go above him.

I would like this situation addressed and I would like to know that you received this complaint.


John H. Bocachica, MD FAAD

Feb 02, 2017

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