Shell / irrate employee

North Las Vegas, NV, United States

you have a location on mlk and alexander today me and a friend went to get some ice cream and other items from this store. A guy named brad came to assist with scooping the ice cream . So I was complaining to my friend holding a private conversation how the scoops where little and we should have went to the thrifys location on cheyenne and mlk. so the guy brad looked me in my face and said well what do you want me to do I gave you two full scoops. So I looked at him and asked who are you talking to because I wasn't even talking to you he said well you talking about me. and proceeded to slam to ice cream shelves closing it shut. so then I said where is your mananger aand he pointed to a lady on the register that was helping a customer. I said no I want to speak to the general manager because if she is the manager why is she not responding to you yelling at I cistomer about ice cream so the mananger walked over and tried to ask me what happened as we where attempting to leave the store because at this point he was yelling very loud attempting to come after me from behnd the counter while the manger and my friend was tryng to hold him back he then threw the chips at me that I had placed on the counter to buuy. So we still attempted to walk out and the manger asked could she talk to us outside, making excuses for the guy saying he was a diabetic and that why he was acting that way. and asked could she give us some free ice cream we declined and asked fr the general manager number which we found out was another friend of hers at another store and the gut Brad is her son and she obviously thought he was ok to cover for him by telling him to go sit in the back and calm down never was he sent home I am also 7 mnths pregnant had it not been for my friend he would have attacked me as if throwing chips at me wasn't enough. I have also contacted a lawyer to file a lawsuit against your store for your employee assaulting me . I will not allow this guy brad to get away with this and it was all caught on your stores camera not sure if this store provides audio as well but I will let my lawyer handle that. II have never been so humiliated in my life and for reason all he had to do was give me my ice cream and stay out of customers personal conversation .. my email address is [protected]

Jun 15, 2017

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