Shell / I prepaid and was told to pay twice in front of 5 people all because the worker was new.

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I went to pump gas at my local gas station in Sioux falls on Minnesota and 20th st and it recently changed to shell about a month ago and I went yesterday 03/09/2017 and prepaid $15 on pump 4 and started pumping and as usual it stops at the price you pay at and I seen it went over .37 cents so I went in the store to give him the remaining balance and couldn't leave cause it was saying I didn't pay at all well then waited 45 minutes and I wasn't allowed to get my son from my car since they thought maybe I would leave but that wouldn't be something I wouldnt have in mind also he has autism so he alone in the car is not acceptable either way I swiped my card again and they made me show all my bank info and repay another $15 and was told to come back in the morning . I now got chargers $50 for late fees cause I was only suppose to pay no more then $20 and the rest to my bill and misses my 6 year old sons neurological screening to get his brain evaluated and that itself is very expensive and only have 3 tries to follow up so ended using one up yesterday and if I end up missing all 3 they take the $9000.00 either way if fail to show up . I went today at 8a.m to see what was going to be resolved and they said the worker charged it on another pump and and that I will get the money back in a week or less so that means on top of the $50 I owe I will end up owing another $28 for overdraft fee and wasted my time and gas to go there and To stop off the car at the shop and shortly after yesterday my transmission broke cause all this was suppose to be done in a timely manner and everything failed due to the time being spent at the gas station 1301 S Minnesota Ave, Sioux Falls, SD 57105 I will be giving reviews and facebook to this matter and I am not one to do so but being discriminated or targeted in front of people is not professional at any time and I would know because I have been for the past 6 months area manager of 5 cricket wireless stores in the Dakota's. Please follow up with me if further discussion is needed [phone number removed] email is [protected]@gmail.con

Mar 10, 2017

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