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Shell Gas Station / lack of service

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Phone: 805-967-8622

My wife who is handicapped went to the shell station today and was trying to fill her car and was not able to use the equipment so she had to go inside the store and ask for help. The fellow came out and stuck the hose in her tank and turned it on and left. The wife was told not to do anything until it stopped and was left standing there waiting for the gas to shut off. Seems it turned off early only giving her 7 gallons of gas when the car was empty. She tried again to make it work herself and being unable to she ended up leaving the station with only the 7 gallons of fuel instead of the 18 Gallong she needed. She has a plackard stating she is handicapped and should not have to pump her gas to start with let alone have to go find someone to help her. We use this station all the time but it is usually myself who pumps the gas. If this is the kind of stervice she is going to get when she goes in by herself we will probably end up going to another brand of fuel who will offer her the help she needs.

My address is 620 San Felipe Dr, Santa Barbara Ca. 93111

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  2nd of Jul, 2010
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I went to the shell gas station in Bryan Road Maryland, trying to use the Safeway card for my discounts earn at Giant foods. The pump would not take had to see cashier which was unreal they didn't know what to do. I had to pay for the full price of gas. What good is Giant card at shell if you can not use it.

Store 10341

Thanks for nothing Shell
Kathy Thomas

Accokeek Maryland

  29th of Aug, 2010
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today aug. 29 at 11:30 am. went to get gas at the hickey station in dalycity. paided 15.00 dollars on pump 3. was distracted by someone i knew getting gas and in conversation, drove away. 30 minuts latter reailized i forgot to pump my gas. returned only to find out someone pumped my gas 5 minutes before i returned. the attendent left the pump on instead of shutting it down and putting my money aside for me to return, wich would have been good customer service. left with no gas, went across the street to the chevron instead. i would like compasation for what i lost or i will not use your service again

  17th of Feb, 2011
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I went to the gas station on shaw and peach in Fresno, Ca- I was just passing by and decided to buy a snack. I payed for my snack and the woman did not give me my change just the bills. I asked her where's my change? she said "I don't have any change" which is a lie because I know gas stations have a safe box for change. I said to her that she could at least tell me instead of just hoping I didn't notice. She then started taking the change out of the donation cup and I got more mad. I said to her " I don't want the money out of a sick persons pocket, she then started laughing I got mad and walked out. She needs to be fired for being lazy I later called and asked the gas station about there change shortage and they told me that they NEVER run out of change. She is LAZY DIS HONEST and RUDE.

  15th of Mar, 2012
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I went to the petrol station today at 03:15. The attendant who is also the manager was stacking the shelves as I drove into the station so naturally I presumed that he would stop what he was doing and serve me. No such luck he carried on doing what ever he was doing as if I was not there. I had to bang on the window to get his attention. The when he did decide to serve me his customer service skills were non existent. He was very IMPOLITE and RUDE and that is the way he is with everyone especially at night. I have been using that station for 12 years. As a result I only ever us that station in extreme emergencies only.

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